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Friday, 25 June, 2021

The US sends prosecutors to Cape Verde to process the extradition of Alex Saab

The Court of Appeals of the Republic of Cape Verde agreed on Monday, January 4, to extradite Colombian businessman Alex Saab to the United States. According to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, officers from the US Justice Department arrived at the African island to proceed with the extradition.


The US Department of Justice sent to Cape Verde on January 5, a plane with prosecutors on board to process the extradition of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, who is said to be the frontman for Nicolas Maduro, accused of money laundering in the US.

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According to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, United States sources confirmed the flight of a US aircraft, the Gulfstream G-550, which took off Tuesday morning from Manassas National Airport, known as Harry P. Field, in Virginia. The plane arrived at the Amilcar Cabral airport, located on the island of Sal in Cape Verde.

The arrival of the aircraft comes one day after the Cape Verde Court of Appeals agreed to extradite Saab to the US. In the American nation, he is accused of being the frontman of Maduro in several criminal ventures. The US Department of Justice charged Alex Saab with eight financial crimes, including seven counts of money laundering and one conspiracy to commit money laundering of more than $362 million.

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