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The survivor in triple homicide managed to write on the wall with blood: “It was Manuel”

After been stabbed twice, one of the victims in an attack that left three dead manage to identify the killer by writing with her blood before fainting. Then, she regained conscience and told her tale, with police now hot on the trail of the 19-year old accused of the murders.


By Glorimar Fernandez.

Thinking she was going to die, the aunt of Felix Manuel Peralta Gonzalez (19) wrote in blood on the wall: “It was Manuel,” hoping that the authorities could clarify her death and that death of her relatives, the three fatal victims.

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However, after the fainting spell, the woman survivor regained her strength and went to a clinic near the house where the murders took place to be treated and tell the terrible story.

Survivor Maria Esther told authorities that her nephew entered the home, located in sector 7 in La Vega, early Monday morning. Then, the young man stabbed everyone while they were sleeping, with the collaboration of two friends.

In the act were killed Fortuna de Tovar (74), Florencio Tovar (60), the grandparents of Felix Manuel, and his uncle Felix Peralta (55). The surviving aunt was stabbed in the face and neck, from which she is recovering.

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The Tovars were known in La Vega as a prosperous family, owners of a three-story house. On the first floor, the grandfather had an electronics store specializing in cell phones and tablets, and the grandmother a haberdashery. The uncles helped in both businesses.

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“They were good persons. The grandparents put the young man to study and tried to help him be a good person. They traveled a lot to Barlovento to a small plot of land that they had where grew bananas, chili, and paprika; they always went with Felix Manuel,” said a close friend of the deceased, talking to reporters outside the Bello Monte morgue where the bodies remain.

After mortally wounding his family, the young man stole spare parts from the store, cell phones, tablets, and cash dollars. His grandparents had asked him in the days before the attack to leave, given his problematic behavior and acquaintances, the neighbors termed criminals.

“He had the face of a psycho,” a neighbor of the victims told El Pitazo.

Officials from the Scientific and Investigations Police (Cicpc in Spanish) have already begun investigations to find out the whereabouts of the person responsible for the triple murder, in addition to the other two people who acted with him.

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