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The morgue at the hospital in El Tigre has 3 weeks out of service

Of the three compartments that the forensic office has, only one was still working since the other two have been out of service for years. The director of the Guevara Rojas Hospital, Yindri Marcano, pointed out that autopsies are sent to Barcelona.


The morgue of Dr. Felipe Guevara Rojas Hospital in El Tigre, in the state of Anzoategui, has been for three weeks now out of service without any hope of anybody fixing it anytime soon. That was the last working compartment since the other two have been broken for several years now.

The center is one of the two Sentinel hospitals in the state, designated by the Nicolas Maduro regime to lead the health-care effort to contain the Wuhan virus. And it doesn’t even have a functioning morgue.

On Wednesday, April 8th, the head of the hospital, Yindri Marcano, told El Pitazo that they refer autopsies to the Luis Razzeti Hospital in Barcelona, three hours away by car, or perform only emergency autopsies.

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“The issuing of (death) certificates has been speeded up to minimize the time spent (with the bodies) and has been an alternative. But it is vital that the coolers be reactivated because we don’t know when an unclaimed body will arrive,” Marcano said.

The morgue’s cool room has space for eight bodies, and the director stressed that she has already established communication with the authorities of the Legislative Council of the state of Anzoategui to repair it as soon as possible since, given the health emergency, it is necessary to have the hospital in optimum conditions to attend to cases of COVID-19.

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