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The mechanic who recorded a video about gasoline shortage was prosecuted

Deivis Pacheco needs to report himself regularly to police but was allowed to go home, after posting a video of a group of firemen pushing a vehicle stranded by gasoline in Trujillo. He told his relatives that being in jail was a nightmare of uncertainty.


Deivis Pacheco Valero, arrested for posting a video of Trujillo firemen pushing a fire truck which had run out of gasoline that went viral, was released from jail on the morning of Wednesday, August 5.

Abner Pacheco, a lawyer for NGO Foro Penal, explained that in the hearing, held in the Control Court of the Valera municipality, the Prosecution Office charged him with instigation to commit a crime. However, he was released under parole and must report himself to the police every two weeks. Also, Pacheco cannot leave the state or record any video about the firemen department.

Deivis Pacheco, 39, is now at home and will comply with the regime once judicial activities, paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, restart.

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He woke up from a nightmare

Pacheco relatives told El Pitazo that he was happy to have left the headquarters of the Scientific and Investigation Police, where he was since Monday, August 3.

“Those two days was a nightmare. The officials were very polite, but it is not easy to be locked up, without knowing if you are going to get out,” said a relative about the first impressions of the mechanic, who confessed that he would never take a picture.

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Pacheco’s arrest gets described as arbitrary by organizations that defend freedom of expression. His audiovisual material also showed how public institutions work, especially those in the health and security sector.

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