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The Maduro regime releases 122 prisoners to prevent COVID-19

The benefit extended to prisoners who have already served a part of their sentences to choose alternative measures to serve their sentences.


The Minister of Prison Services, Iris Varela, authorized the release of 122 prisoners held in the Rodeo II and Rodeo III prisons in Guatire, Miranda state, on Saturday, April 4th.

According to relatives of the prisoners, the decision is part of a plan to reduce overcrowding in the country’s prisons, as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The measures release granted by the minister is basing on the Guardianship regime, which is part of Venezuela’s Organic Penitentiary Code.

The measures granted by the minister are basing on a regime of Tutelage Confidence, which is part of Venezuela’s Organic Penitentiary Code.

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The legal Code establishes that prisoners who have been sentenced for minor crimes and have served enough time in prison can be eligible for alternative measures to serve their sentences.

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During the activity, the minister met with all the beneficiaries in the common areas of the two prisons, making clear to them that they must report to the ministry every two weeks.

The representative of the Maduro regime also said to the released prisoners that if they relapse into crime again, they will be taking to El Dorado, where they will receive stricter treatment.

Besides, Varela added that those who require support may be incorporating into the social and productive projects managed by the Ministry of Penitentiary Services.

Unofficially, it is knowing the benefits could be extending to other penitentiary centers in Venezuela in the coming days.

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