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The female doctor who posted against Maduro will continue imprisoned

Cabimas hospital resident, Andreina Urdaneta Martinez, remains in jail. She was arrested on May 26, after she allegedly posted a hate-inciting, doctored picture of Nicolas Maduro in her WhatsApp status.


By Mayreth Casanova.

The First Control Court of Cabimas in Zulia state, ratified the imprisonment of Andreina Urdaneta Martinez, a second-year resident of the Adolfo D’Empaire Hospital, for the crimes of incitement to hatred and offense to the president. The court’s decision occurred during a presentation hearing held on June 2.

Urdaneta allegedly posted an image of a man who looked like Maduro being executed by hanging in her WhatsApp status. Police have not made the image public.

Urdaneta was arrested on May 26, at her home, located in sector H5 of Cabimas, by officials of the Scientific Criminal and Investigation Police) after she published the image in her WhatsApp.

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The resident appeared to the judge and the prosecutor of the court to testify. This deposition, scheduled for May 27, not carried out due to power failures and was rescheduled for June 2.

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After Andreína’s testimony, the judge ratified the measure of imprisonment issued on May 27, which establishes that she will be detained for at least 45 days at the headquarters of Scientist and Investigation Police in Cabimas during the investigation. Jose Melean, Urdaneta’s lawyer, explained that the defense will appeal the decision.

Family members, colleagues, and the board of directors of the College of Physicians were around the headquarters during the hearing. Colleagues assured that Andreina Urdaneta’s professional performance is exceptional. “There are no complaints about her professionalism and medical commitment,” said one of them.

The resident graduated in 2017 as an integral community doctor and worked at the Manuela Saenz Integral Diagnostic Center, located in the Las 40 sector.

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