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Teachers attacked with urine and feces on their national day by pro-Maduro gangs


By Maria Jesus Vallejo.

Caracas.- Teachers protesting against the Nicolas Maduro regime on their national day (January 15th) were robbed, threatened, pushed and attacked with urine and feces by pro-Maduro gangs in Caracas.

“You shat your pants! Long live the revolution!” yelled one of the attackers wearing a Chavez t-shirt, at the teachers during the aggression in Plaza Bolivar near the Catedral of Caracas.

Teachers were also attacked in other locations such as the National Assembly, where they were denied entry by the same colectivos, and right across the street from the Ministry of Education.

At the Catedral location, some 50 teachers, together with students and members of civil society, were protesting by low salaries, poor working conditions, no water or electricity in most schools and, demanding that education minister Aristobulo Isturiz be sacked. A school teacher earns only $10 per month.

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Two hours into the protest, a group of 20 to 30 persons -donning pro-Maduro garments and chanting government slogans marched up to the teachers and threw a bucket filled with feces and urine at them.

Chaos ensued as some of the teachers run, some cried at the indignity of the attack. The attackers chased after the runners. Journalists and other spectators fled the scene on foot or the lucky ones, by motorbike, fearing for their safeties.

Reporters remembered National Police telling the teachers to disband before 11:00 a.m. because they could not guarantee their safety after that time. The attack came shortly after that hour, indicating that police knew about the Colectivo plans.

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