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Takeover of services stations will generate more unemployment in Venezuela

The Caracas Chamber of Commerce said the takeover generates even more unemployment. Some operators have been working for the oil company for 35 years and given only 72 hours to vacate the state-owned stations.


The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Services of Caracas issued a statement on Sunday, June 28, in which it said that kicking out private sector operators from state-owned gas stations will generate unemployment.

In the statement, the Caracas Chamber of Commerce demands that the national government and other authorities of the public administration, including PDVSA, strictly evaluate the fundamental rights of the companies and the businessmen of these service stations and direct their administrative action, according to the constitutional agreements.

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Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce stipulates that private enterprise, in its different manifestations of business organization, is essential for generating employment, “value-added, attracting national and foreign investment, development of the economy and, in general, the welfare of the citizen.”

Some forms of private enterprises still survive in Venezuela after 21 years of the socialist experiment under Chavez and Maduro. But those spaces are diminishing in number and size every day due to nationalizations, expropriations, and just plain bankruptcy. The regime has more than 600 companies of all kinds, most of them in dire straits financially, according to NGO Transparencia Venezuela.

The trade union warns that the measures taken by PDVSA generate unemployment and directly and indirectly affect the market for products and goods provided in the national market. The businessmen whose for decades ran these establishments with effort and organization, see how their assets are affected by regime actions.

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