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Thursday, 29 July, 2021

Students have no desks, chairs, or even windows in Falcon grade school


The Jose Ramon Alvarez school, located in the Mataruca parish, Falcon state, is in deplorable conditions due to the collapse of its infrastructure, which cracked walls, classrooms without windows, rotten ceilings and tacky desks where students sit and receive classes.

The school needs maintenance urgently, according to a group of parents and representatives who preferred to protect their identity for fear of some kind reprisal against their kids.

Pigeons and bats have even nested inside the school, and some roofing looks like it may cave in any second, putting undue strain on pupils and teachers alike.

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The parents say studying in the poorest school, with broken furniture, window-less classrooms, with a few tables and chairs in poor condition, dirty and regrettable toilets, and not enough water, only supply from water trucks. The situation has a direct impact on the kids’ academic performance.

By Lisbeth Barboza.

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