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Students claim that there are no conditions for online classes in Venezuela

Students members of the Federation of University Centers from the Central University of Venezuela, repping 60,000 full-time students, demands that the Maduro regime improves conditions for online classes during the pandemic.


Members of the Federation of University Centers (FCU in Spanish) went to the Ministry of Education, saying the conditions are not there to start classes, not even over the Internet.

Currently, Venezuela has the slowest connection speed in the Western Hemisphere, even slower than Cuba or Haiti, according to a study by Chinese technology firm Huawei. Internet penetration has also dropped due to a severe economic contraction and deterioration of the electricity and telecommunications grids, from 30% to around single digits.

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“Education is closed. There are no teachers, no water, no light, no internet. They killed Andres Bello’s legacy,” says a banner carried by the students amid the protest in front of the public institution. Bello, freethinker, teacher, and mentor of Simon Bolivar, drafted several rules for the use of Spanish that are still in use.

The students referred to the issue of connection because the government of Nicolas Maduro insists that classes can be online when there are several complaints about the poor quality of the Internet in Venezuela.

“Education is a victim of the political destruction by the regime in the last years,” the National Federation of High School Students of Venezuela (Feneem) said.

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