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Solidarity in quarantine: neighbors in San Cristobal make artisanal masks to donate to the needed


By Lorena Bornacely.

In San Cristobal’s, capital city from Tachira state, people from Las Flores neighborhood decided to make masks and giving them away for free to children, the elderly and poorer neighbors. Solidarity action in quarantine season.

“We were in a meet at the home of a neighbor named Maura, talking about the coronavirus and the measures we would take as a community, and she saw some fabric leftover from a lingerie course she did and thought she could make masks to donate,” explained Yonathan Pernia, a member of the neighborhood group.

When the idea came up, everyone agreed and began to look for what they need scissors, thread, and other fabrics. But when one of the neighbors notice that the vulnerable population was so high, she spoke with the National Institute of Socialist Training and Education -Inces in Spanish- for support, and they lent sewing machines and also donated eight meters of fabric.

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“We know that grandparents are the most vulnerable, this is what we can do. Many of them may have to go out to buy food, but, at least, they will do so with a donated mask because they can’t afford it one,” he said.

The Inces donated fabric and the machines, and other implements were donated by the neighbors. The private company from the same community collaborated with the leagues, and that’s how we starting the work. We estimate we will make around 420 in total,” Pernia said.

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Most of the residents from the neighborhood Las Flores are older people, who have seen their children and other relatives become part of the group of some five million people who have left Venezuela since 2013 for other countries in search of a better quality of life.

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