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Six new cases of coronavirus in Venezuela

Maduro explained that three people infected are located in Nueva Esparta, Aragua, and Miranda state. Nine people died from COVID-19, while 181 have been infected.


Six new cases of coronavirus reported the Nicolas Maduro regime this Sunday, April 12. Maduro made his statements on radio and television on the 28th day of the national quarantine. Nine deaths from COVID-19 have been confirming in the country, while 181 is the updating figure.

Maduro explained that the cases registered in three states: three in Nueva Esparta, two in Aragua, and one infected person in Miranda state.

“The three cases reported in Nueva Esparta were in the municipality of Maneiro,” Maduro said, detailing that is an 84-year-old woman with symptoms since March 29.

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The second person is another 46-years-old woman, who was caring for the old lady in the previous case. A 31-years-old man, who traveled to Mexico, also tested positive for COVID-19.

He also explained that the cases in Aragua are a saleswoman and a 27-years-old baker. Finally, he reported that the new case in Miranda is a nurse.

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Maduro pointed out that all people tested positive for COVID-19 must be hospitalized, but he admitted that the nine passed away were all at their homes, so there is a possibility that they infected others.

On Saturday, April 11, the government decreed the extension of the national quarantine for 30 more days, a measure published in the Official Document the next day.

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