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Six kidnapping victims of guerrillas in Colombia are moved to Venezuela: NGO

Fundaredes President, Javier Tarazona, mentioned six instances of hostages taken for ransom by violent actors in the neighboring country are moved and remained into Venezuela.


By Mariana Duque.

Six individuals kidnapped in Colombia by guerrilla groups from the National Liberation Army (ELN) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) have been moved, and are still in Venezuelan territory, denounced Thursday, July 23, in a press conference by the president of the Networks Foundation (Fundaredes), Javier Tarazona.

Accompanied by the work team of Fundaredes, Tarazona pointed out that they have obtained information, that, after being kidnapped in Colombia, the hostages are transferred in boats by the tenth front of Farc to the La Gabarra sector, in Guasdualito, Apure state, in the Venezuelan Llanos.

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Tarazona said that, in the case of the town of Socopo, in the state of Barinas, the ELN has the Ticoporo front and, in Táchira, they are in the 29 municipalities of the entity, without forgetting San Antonio and Ureña, which border on the department of Norte de Santander-Colombia.

Luis Alfonso Lázaro, Jose Antonio Bermúdez, Eider Armando Colina, are people who have been kidnapped by the tenth front of the FARC. Ricardo Alvarado got kidnapped on July 2; he is the brother of the former governor of Arauca and is under the control of alias Ferley. Our organization also made public investigations into two people kidnapped by this front, Eddy Villamizar and Angie Alexandra, who was kidnapped in Colombia and brought to Venezuelan territory. These actions are allowed by the Venezuelan authorities”, he said.

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Tarazona said that at this moment, those who control the irregular crossings on the Venezuelan-Colombian border are the armed groups, who would be carrying out all these operations under the complacent gaze and complicit silence of the military authorities in charge of border control and sovereignty.

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