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Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Returning Venezuelan migrants start a hunger strike in a Coronavirus shelter

A group of 72 Venezuelans, including children, pregnant women, and elderly, denounce that they have forced to be in a shelter for 46 days in the Pasi facility of Guana; given this situation, they started a hunger strike to demand the date of their transfers.


By Eira Gonzalez.

At the Guana Catholic school, located north of the Guajira in Zulia state, 72 Venezuelans trying to return home began a hunger strike to demand a date from the Nicolas Maduro regime to release them from the shelter where they were since reentering the country.

The protesters say they have not tested and just kept there by force, and they have been isolated for 46 days, while the international standard for mandatory isolation is of 15 days.

The demonstrators have locked themselves into the shelter, preventing even deliveries of food by the Army as a protest measure. Inside, there are pregnant women, children, and elderly who demand to be released.

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The 72 people arrived through the humanitarian corridor of Paraguachon in June and were transferred to the Pasi de Guana located about 30 kilometers from the town of Paraguaipoa, where there is no telephone signal and access to the place is difficult due to poor roads.

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One of the demonstrators, a Venezuelan returning migrant, said on Monday, August 10, that they are protesting because there is no response from the government about PCR tests to rule out any suspected cases of COVID-19.

“Yesterday, some generals arrived to explain a little bit the protocol handled in these Pasis, but this situation is serious because we have been waiting for a long time.”

In July, this same group of Venezuelans protested at the Pasi facilities to demand his departure from the site but, the security officials shot pellets and tear gas to disperse him.

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