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Returning Venezuelan migrants ask to be confined in their homes

Kilangela Hernandez arrived in Coro, Falcon State, May 19, and denounced in social networks that she was forced by the Maduro regime to shelter with other returning migrants in a baseball stadium where they had no water or food. Venezuela has more than 2,000 Coronavirus cases and the infection rate seems to be accelerating.


By Lisbeth Barboza Ruiz.

Confined to the Jose David Ugarte municipal stadium in Coro, Falcon state, a group of returning migrants who arrived in the state in mid-May denounced on social networks that don’t have enough food or water for all of them, so they asked to be quarantined in their homes.

The Nicolas Maduro regime is forcing some 50,000 returning migrants into shelters for two weeks or more, where they are forced into a barracks-like regime where couples are separated, cell phone use is regulated and bedtimes are mandatory, with lack of food or water.

Kilangela Hernandez, a native of Cumarebo, Zamora municipality, denounced the lacks in the shelters where migrants returning from Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru are being forced to spend the quarantine.

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Hernandez arrived from Colombia on May 19, at the Jose David Ugarte Municipal Stadium shelter in Coro. She told a radio show that she did not understand how they were sent to a quarantine center in the capital of Falcon state and not in their hometown.

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During the radio interview, she said she understood that quarantine and social isolation had to be maintained, following the protocol of the WHO. But she did not agree with the conditions of these shelters: there is not enough food and water, a situation that affects children, especially.

The governor of Falcon, Victor Clark, informed that some 1,300 nationals returning from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Chile have arrived in the state and are waiting for the arrival of more people this Friday.

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