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Rebel soldiers denounce that Venezuelan Army violated Brazilian territory


By Glorimar Fernández.

For four hours, Venezuelan Army members get into Brazilian territory on the night of December 24, searching for the soldiers who rebelled on December 22 in the Battalion 513 Mariano Montilla from Luepa in the Gran Sabana.

El Pitazo had access to a recording shared by the lieutenant Jose Rodriguez Araya, one of the leaders of Wey pa´ka operation. The operation tried to take control of fort Escamoto, located about 10 kilometers from the border between Venezuela and Brazil and from there, make a call to other soldiers to join them in the uprising.

On December 22, rebels, supported by 30 natives pemones from the Army reserve, took the fort Luepa and stole 120 rifles. Then, they went to Kumaracapay and took five guns and bulletproof vests.

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The plan was to continue the way to Escamoto, but they had to take back to Luepa. The same day armed civilians arrived. First information pointed Tupamaro’s collective members but they denied to been involved. The fight left a wounded soldier and another arrested. The rest of the soldiers fled with the pemones to the savannah.

For two days, both members of the National Armed Force and armed civilians have been in the Gran Sabana, searching for the rebel soldiers.

“Last night we were in Mato Grosso town in Brazil. Venezuelan Army is chasing us. They get into Brazilian territory with long weapons and night visors. From 11:00 pm to 3:00 am, snipers were shooting” said Lieutenant Araya on the recording.

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