“Promenade of Youth” now just a garbage dump in Villa del Rosario

The boulevard was supposed to elevate the quality of life for the neighbors, now it’s instead a dark, high-crime area full of trash.


By Johandry Montiel.

Dark, dirty and dangerous. That is now the sorry state of “The Promenade of Youth”, a boulevard built recently by the Nicolas Maduro regime as part of its Mision Venezuela Bella urban embellishment and propaganda campaign.

The youth can’t even play in the dirty promenade, located in the La Culebra highway, Villa del Rosario, Rosario de Perija municipality, Zulia state. At one point, movies were shown there, with kids being able to skate and play. Not anymore, neighbors say.

Drivers accelerate when passing near the boulevard, on account of the area is so dark and dangerous at night.

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Faulty sanitation service means that now neighbors have started using the “Promenade of Youth” as a makeshift dump. “Many persons in the area come and dump their refuse here. We need assistance in repairing the playground and the sports field,” Maria, a resident, told El Pitazo.

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