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Production of food and medicine at risk in Venezuela due to lack of gasoline

Freighters have not been re-fueled since March when the quarantine measures began. The guild complaints because at risk the transporting of food and medicines in the country.


By Francisco Chirinos.

In Venezuela, the mobilization of medicines and raw materials for the production of food and medicine (for humans and animals) is at risk, something that would affect the country. The cause of this risk is the lack of gasoline and other fuels, which keeps at least 2,000 vehicles paralyzed, reported the heavy cargo union in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state.

And Puerto Cabello is one of the largest ports in Venezuela. Julio Abreu, on behalf of the Container Association, and the Bulk Workers’ Front, told El Pitazo that they have not been able to supply their vehicles with fuel for more than two months, which keeps them on a technical strike.

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“No one is willing to put the units at risk of running out of gas, again. There is also an additional problem, which is that all spare parts’ shops are closed due to quarantine. At the time of a serious accident, you will not have how to replace them; you have to tow the vehicle, and a crane costs an arm and a leg,” said Abreu.

The teamster said that the losses in the sector are incalculable. “We want to talk to the commander of the Agustin Armario Naval Base in Puerto Cabello so that he considerate us among the priority sectors to receive fuel,” Abreu said.

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Fuel sales in Venezuela are now controlled by the police and the military, under the strict quarantine measures imposed by the Nicolas Maduro regime.

Technical stoppage

“We have a technical stoppage, and it’s not our fault. It’s for lack of gasoline. Here at the Miranda pump in Puerto Cabello we are equipped with 200 liters per truck, and to make a 470-kilometer trip, you need to pump gas twice, and our units do not have a safety permit to fill up at any pump nationwide,” the heavy load carriers explained.

Finally, Abreu insisted: “We also need to have gasoline in our units for road assistance and rescue of these units, in case they have an accident”.

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