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Tuesday, 27 July, 2021

Power outages cause meat and milk production down 60% in Perija


By Johandry Andrea Montiel.

Farmers Union from Villa del Rosario and Machiques’s Farmers Asociation reported big losses in 2019 in meat and dairy production caused by power outages because they couldn’t refrigerate the products.

The power outages in Perija, a sub-region in Zulia state, is one from a big list of issues in that zone. Daily blackouts are the biggest ones and deepen the crisis that farmers’ producers suffer. Other troubles are the quality of the roads, insecurity, the difficult access to fuel, lack of veterinary medicines, seeds, and workforce.

Producers from the zone said that electrical troubles are from the past, but get worsed after the national blackout in 2019.

“The consequences of power outages affect producers that need the cold chain to preserve products suitable for human consumption. We have to do magic to carry on the production of meat and milk. The electrical crisis is causing that production down 60% in Rosario de Perija y Machiques”, said Paul Márquez, president from Machiques Winner Asociation.

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