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Popular consultation organized by Guaidó will have 3,000 centers to collect the digital votes

National Assembly President Juan Guaido stated that some 3,000 polling stations get enable to cast your digital vote against the Nicolas Maduro regime, using a previously obtained 12-digit code obtained through the Telegram app.


The political opposition in Venezuela headed by National Assembly President Juan Guaido is betting on Popular Consultation, a form of referenda included in the 1999 Constitution but that has never used, and an array of high-tech solutions to get Venezuelans involved in a binding vote to unseat Maduro.

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Through a live social-media broadcast Tuesday, December 8, the political leader, Juan Guaido, informed that the interim government enabled 3,000 centers throughout the country so that the persons who want to vote via Telegram may register their digital votes after entering a 12-digit code they obtained through the app.

In three questions, Venezuelans get asked to demand international aid in getting rid of Maduro and rejecting the controversial parliamentary vote organized by his regime. A similar initiative in 2017 ended in violence, leaving Maduro in power but looking more and more like a de facto ruler.

In a video, Guaido explained to Venezuelans the last step to be taking so the vote via Telegram can be validated, an application which started being using Monday, December 7. Venezuelans abroad, some 5,5 million, can use the Voatz app. There are more abroad than the 3.2 million who voted on Sunday.

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“Those who participate via digital, at the end of the process, will receive a 12-digit code that they will have to deposit in a center available throughout the country on December 12,” clarified.

Guaido pointed out that from the same device used to vote by Telegram, other people can also participate, since the difference is in the identification document, that is, the photo of each voter.

Regarding the instructions to participate in the Popular Consultation, he reiterated that all Venezuelans over 18 years are allowed to vote, using their ID card or passport, no matter if they are expired, the same regulations to vote in an election organized by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

About the location of the physical centers, he indicated that the information is available at www.presidenciave.com.

“Help those who can participate in the Popular Consultation, remember that the country is above, and leaving this dictatorship is above,” he concluded.

Additional reporting by Carlos Camacho.

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