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PDVSA took control of the services stations in Caracas

From Saturday, June 27, the Intern Market Direction from the national oil company PDVSA cut the operation contracts with the private services stations in Caracas, Venezuela's capital.


By Elizabeth Ostos.

The government of Nicolás Maduro took the total control of several services stations in Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, that manages the sale of gasoline both in bolivares and dollars.

According to information from private-sector sources to El Pitazo, this Saturday, June 27, the Intern Market Department from the national oil company PDVSA sent a statement to the legal representatives of services stations, which informed about the unilateral rupture of the employment contract with the private services stations.

The head of the Intern Market Department, Marino José Lugo Aguilar, signed the statement. The time-lapse to deliver the stations is 72 hours from Sunday, June 28. It is known that the measure will be extended to another 100 services stations in the country. Besides, the state-owned company not responsible for what implies the suspension of the contract with the service station owners.

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Sources confirmed to El Pitazo that the take of the services stations includes lands and assets of fuel distributors that worked in alliance with the government, but only in the sale of gasoline.

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There is discomfort, there is a desire to denounce and fight in courts, but there is no consensus among the businessmen related to the commercialization of fuel. This process just beginning, and we don’t know the scopes yet,” said a source that requested his anonymity.

The National Federation from Hydrocarbons Businessmen Association will request a meeting with the head of the Intern Market Department from PDVSA to approach the case. Other sources informed that in the coming days, all the services stations in Caracas would be taken by the government.

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