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Patients must ride in the back of pickups due to the lack of fuel for ambulances

Relatives of Gustavo Brito, 71 years old, said the elderly patient with a broken leg had to leave the hospital on the back of a pick-up truck (that charged him $3) since the center ambulance was out of gasoline.


By Alexander Olvera.

Gustavo Brito, 71 years old, and resident of San Carlos, Cojedes state, could not catch a break. First, he endures a broken femur, and then, when discharged from the hospital, was told the ambulance would not give him a ride home since it was out of gasoline. The elderly patient had to pay $3 to ride in the back of a pick-up truck.

Brito went to a public health center in the capital city of Cojedes for an examination on Thursday, June 25. Family members share videos about the situation.

Gustavo, with a broken femur, should only move about in a proper ambulance. So, that Thursday, they called at 7:00 am to 911 to ask an ambulance picked him up and took him to the Center for Integral Medical Care of Minors, where he was to have an ultrasound scan.

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After finishing the medical review, they called the paramedics to pick up the patient and take him back to his residence, but they did not answer the phone. They added that after multiple failed calls, they managed to communicate, and the officials informed them that they could not take Brito home because they did not have gasoline.

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Brito’s relatives said that after spending all day waiting, they had to put him in the back of a truck, in a reclining chair, to take him home. Also, they must pay 600,000 bolivars to one person for the ride.

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