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Patients and doctors must walk long ways to get to the Hospital

Workers are threatening to quit in mass if the hospital doesn’t provide them with transportation. The situation is going on for about a year.


The bus-stop nearest the “Casal Ramos” hospital is one kilometer away from it. The bus line servicing that route disappeared due to the crisis. About 1 million vehicles have been forced to stop due to a lack of gasoline, motor lubricants, tires, and spare parts, according to industry figures.

The bus line connecting the hospital to the main thoroughfare has stopped operating. That means walking one kilometer up, one down when you are done. The “Casal” is the main hospital in Northern Portuguesa, a state in Central Venezuela.

Drive your car, hail a cab or just ask for a ride are only options for everybody, pregnant women and doctors included.

Victor Rivero, who used to drive the bus line connecting the hospital with the rest of the city, said lack of spare parts ended with his job.

“My sister in law is in the hospital, she just gave birth. We had to get some tests done outside because the lab at the hospital doesn’t work, so I have to walk for that and medicines,” Jose Luis Villanueva told El Pitazo outside the hospital.

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Nutrition specialist Maria Mendoza doesn’t have a car. So, when her father can’t drive her to work, her situation is black. “I have to hitchhike, pay cabs, or walk because I have an obligation, but it’s hard to meet it when you have to walk so much. And this impacts the blood-pressure on some patient, ” Mendoza said.

Ana María Velazquez, president of the nurses’ union, said that during the weekends and night time, workers fail to show almost by 100%, there’s no way to get a ride, that’s why workers are threatening to quit their jobs unless provided with transportation.

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