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Oscar Perez, a brief struggle that ended in a massacre

This January 15th is the second anniversary of The Junquito Massacre, an episode when Maduro-aligned security forces killed rogue cop Oscar Perez and his six companions, including a woman, all of them with gunshots in their heads


The anti-Maduro struggle of Oscar Perez -rogue policeman, budding movie star and daredevil helicopter pilot- first became public in June 2017 but ended quickly with his execution-style murder together with his companions January 15th, 2018. This event has denominated a massacre.

Two years have passed since Perez, also a former officer from Scientist Police warned that he was surrounded by Maduro regime forces in a chalet in El Junquito, a bucolic holiday town near Caracas. The man who commanded an aerial attack against the Maduro-controlled Supreme Court told, in that recording, that in spite of his decision to surrender his life, and those of his six companions, was being threatened.

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Hours later the whole country would hear the news about the pilot being murdered, together with Daniel Soto Torres, the two rebels National Guards Abraham Lugo Ramosa and Jairo Lugo Ramos, Abraham Israel Agostini, Jose Diaz Pimentel, a rogue military counter-intelligence DGCIM agent and, Lisbeth Andreina Ramirez Montilla, the only woman in the group.

Today, January 15th marks the second anniversary of the so-called “The Junquito Massacre” in 2018. The label was first promoted by opposition lawmakers, human-rights NGOs and the General Attorney in exile Luisa Ortega Diaz, who denounced the events to the International Criminal Court as an extrajudicial execution.

Who was Oscar Perez? Read the full article (in Spanish) here.

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