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Organization of American States: Saab’s capture is key to getting Maduro

The OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro made the statement by Monday, July 6, during a meeting with former Colombian President Andres Pastrana and the secretary of the Popular Party of Spain, Pablo Casado.


Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary-General, Luis Almagro, said the capture and eventual extradition of the alleged money launderer, Alex Saab to the United States is key to ensuring that Nicolas Maduro faces international justice.

Saab has been sitting in a Cape Verde jail cell for almost a month now, after being arrested on two US-issued Interpol warrants, accused of crimes that could get him a 20-year sentence.

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Saab surfaced in Venezuela in 2011, signing a contract for the construction of public housing with Hugo Chavez. After that, and until very recently, his business interests grew to include supermarkets, other state construction projects such as stadiums, and the CLAP subsidized foodstuffs scheme, which the US sanctioned as corrupt. Properties of Saab were expropriating from him in Italy and Colombia.

The statements were made on Monday, July 6, during a forum by the Centrist Democrat International (CDI), an organization that groups 94 political parties in the world. Among those attending were former Colombian President, Andrés Pastrana, and the secretary of the Spanish Popular Party, Pablo Casado.

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“The capture of Alex Saab and his extradition to the United States is key. This regime has no political logic. It is a regime that acts criminally, and that requires more action. Only when this happens will they surrender,” said Almagro.

“The Bolivarian regime has accounts with the justice system throughout the world due to corruption, systematic human rights violations, and drug trafficking,” he added.

After the arrest, Nicolas Maduro reacted and identified Saab as an agent of his regime. They revealed that not only he granted Venezuelan citizenship, but that he also issued a Venezuelan diplomatic passport and even demanded a meeting with Saab in prison. So far, the meet has not been grant.

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