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Opposition-held AN legislative will focus on free, fair elections

The Delegate Commission, controlled by Guaido, will focus on democracy rescuing by achieving presidential and parliamentary elections with guarantees and protection of the Venezuelan assets abroad.


By Gabriela González.

Despite Maduro-regime harassment, the opposition-held National Assembly, elected in 2015, is continuing functions, now with the approval of most of the international community.

The regime seated a pro-Maduro assembly on January 5, a move that has been denounced by the European Union, the US, and several other countries.

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Guaido and other National Assembly leaders have said that organizing free, fair, and internationally-recognized (and monitored) elections will be the number one priority for the legislation this year.

And it seems even more uphill after the first session of the Chavista Assembly will set up a special commission to investigate, according to them, the damage done to the country by the opposition deputies elected in 2015.

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After that commission presents the result of its investigation, the National Assembly of Nicolas Maduro, headed by Jorge Rodríguez, will “urge” the Judicial Power to act.

Therefore, the first objective of the opposition deputies elected in 2015 will be to remain free.

The first vice president of the Parliament, headed by Juan Guaido, explains that the Delegate Commission does not have legislative powers to discuss laws, so there is no agenda.

“It can be called to a plenary session and discussed if that is the case,” he said. Guanipa recalls that none of the laws they passed could be enforcing.

He adds that the objective is political and that they will seek to achieve that there be presidential and parliamentary elections; and that the country returns to democracy.

“It is complex,” recognizes the parliamentarian. He also explains that the Delegate will discuss the country crisis, authorize decisions of the government in charge and discuss and take positions on what the Maduro Assembly will do.

Another aspect that the Delegate addresses is the protection of assets, an important point for the opposition. But, one that has also brought them complaints about the managing of these resources.

Deputy Freddy Guevara agrees that this aspect of asset protection and the discussion of actions will be the priorities in this extended period and should have culminated on January 4, 2021.

Guevara also rules out the discussion of bills, given the context in which the opposition finds itself.

The support of the European Union

After the brief statement published by the High Representative of the European Union (EU), Joseph Borrell, which has generated various interpretations of whether or not the European bloc supports the opposition, Guanipa assures that there is “absolute support.”

He also clarifies that the EU has never recognized Guaido as the president in charge because there was no unanimity. But the member states did.

Guanipa also recognizes that the term “outgoing Assembly,” used in the statement to refer to the opposition Assembly, could generate interpretations, but maintains there is no doubt about the support. He said that support is also for the route they propose of presidential and parliamentary free and fair elections.

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