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One of the mentioned men in the case of the plane seized in Florida worked to Alex Saab

Roswell Rosales, a Venezuelan pilot, linked to alleged money launderer Alex Saab, denies still owning a plane seized with cash and guns. However, his in the board of three companies in Florida. One of them shares an address with the current owner of an aircraft.


By Grisha Susej Vera.

Roswell Jesus Rosales Oberto was pointed out as the owner of the Bombardier Learjet 55B YV3441, captured on August 15, with weapons and cash at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida. Besides, the pilot runs a delivery company to Venezuela, which has the same address as the company that owns the aircraft seized by the US authorities.

In media reports, Rosales admitted to selling the plane in 2019 to the current owner.

National Assembly deputy Carlos Paparoni linked Rosales to Colombian financier Alex Saab, arrested on an Interpol warrant in Cape Verde since June, and his partner Alvaro Pulido, marked by the US as Maduro’s front men in money laundering.

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In a statement to Univision, a US television network, Rosales denied that he was the owner of the plane: “I have been neither the owner nor the operator of that plane since October 2019”. However, he accepted the link with Alex Saab: he said he was the chief pilot in the Fondo Global de Construccion between 2012 and 2016, a construction company based in Venezuela and owned by Saab and Pulido that contracted almost exclusively with the Maduro.

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According to a report published by the news website Armando Info, Rosales is also connected to another plane, the N39HJ, piloted by retired Venezuelan Air Force Colonel Vaker Aular, and part of the fleet related to the activities of the Colombian businessmen.

In another article published in 2019, Florida media revealed that when in October 2018, Mexico started to investigate the corrupt CLAP subsidized food scheme the US sanctioned, and which was admittedly operated by Saab and Pulido, they found records of Rosales flying for them. Rosales said he sold the seized plane at that time.

Rosales told Univision he is the director of two companies registered in Miami: Goaround INC and Aerojet Executive INC also registered in Venezuela and sold along with the YV3441 aircraft last year.

Aerojet Executive INC offers luxury services: purchase, sale, and management of executive aircraft. But Goaround INC’s website and social networks, registered in 2013, are empty. Their Twitter account, for example, has only one post, and their website has only photos. However, according to Open Corporates, the company is active.

According to documents accessed by El Pitazo, Goaround INC is a currently operating company, under the trade name of Smarket & Go, a shipping company from the US to Venezuela. Besides, Smarket & Go has the same address as Goaround INC, and Aerojet Executive INC, which allegedly owns the seized aircraft, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

El Pitazo emailed Smarket & Go requesting an interview with Rosales. At the time of publication of this note, there was no answer to the communication.

Another link: Smarket & Go’s shipments arrive in Valencia, where Aerojet Executive INC, owner of the seized aircraft, was registered originally.

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