No facemasks or distance: Candidates of Maduro violate quarantine in the electoral campaign

The crowding of people with no social distance is one of the violations incurred by the candidates of the Psuv.

Fidel Madroñero, a Maduro regime TV personality, is a candidate for Circuit Four in Maracaibo that is trying to use his star status for political gain once more, after losing in the 2015 parliamentary elections. Here, he greets residents of Idelfonso Vasquez parish, who are crowded together without wearing masks.

By Nataly Angulo.
Additional reporting by Carlos Camacho in Caracas.

The Psuv Maduro-regime party candidates for the parliamentary elections in Zulia travel around searching followers, hold meetings that bring together dozens of people without any distancing, and some even take off their masks to speak in public amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The food is frequently served, or just handed out against the promise of votes also, an ethical and sanitary no-no.

The quarantine measures imposed by the Maduro government, such as restricting the gathering of people and vehicular circulation after 2.00 pm, are violated by the Chavista candidates, holding their campaign meetings at any time of the day.

The candidates for deputy of the National Assembly also show in their social network photographs and videos of their activities, most of them in the company of the mayors of Zulia and the governor Omar Prieto, whose efforts get used to promote the candidatures, also an electoral violation.

Dozens gathered on the night of Wednesday, September 30, at the Combat Gymnasium, where Governor Omar Prieto and Mayor Willy Casanova swore in the campaign command of Maracaibo’s Circuit 8.

These activities are taking place at a time when the Maduro regime announced a surge of cases of coronavirus in Zulia, a state that recorded for Wednesday, September 30, the highest number of daily infections in the country: 104.

The Zulia region remains the state with the highest number of deaths from COVID-19, reaching 92, and accumulating a total of 6,749 confirmed cases.

Damelis Chavez, candidate of Circuit 9, does not use the mouthpiece to talk to dozens of inhabitants of the Los Cortijos parish, where she handed over, together with the Mayor’s Office, a submersible pump to improve the drinking water service. Photo by Chavez campaign.