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Nicolasito’s favorite friend: Santiago Moron

The marabino lawyer, co-owner of Cremosca Company, is pointed by the ex-chief of Sebin Manuel Figuera as part of a scheme of looting of gold from Venezuela.


If it wasn’t for a woman who dared to take a picture, the friendship between Nicolas Maduro Guerra and the constructor Santiago Moron remain in the shadows from intimate circles of mining exploitation.

Two years ago, as El Pitazo reviewed, a woman named Rita Morales took that picture in the first communion from Maria Hernández Moron’s son, the younger sister from Ricardo and Santiago Moron.

Nicolas Maduro Guerra, better known as Nicolasito, to differentiate him from his father Nicolás Maduro, began to shine for his own when he linked to the scheme of gold commercialization in Venezuela, taking advantage of his condition as President’s son.

The man who accused him was Manuel Cristopher Figuera, the ex-chief from Intelligence Bolivarian System (Sebin by its acronym in Spanish). This man is now living in the United States from where denounces the corruption plots from Nicolas Maduro’s government. Figuera accused Nicolasito of taking the baton of gold’s looting from Venezuela Central Bank, and mining companies. Next to him is his extreme confidence man, Santiago Moron Hernández.

A family who build together

The Moron is a family from Maracaibo, Zulia state. Santiago Moron is a lawyer, his brother is a constructor engineer, and a broker according to the National Securities Superintendence. Both are Ricardo Moron’s sons. In Maracaibo, if you ask about this family, nobody is willing to talk about them.

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Ricardo Moron and his sons appear as the founder and owners from Cresmo, a construction company. Cresmo is registered since 2007 in the National Register Contractors with projects execute by Fondur, Maracaibo Metre, and Dulcosa.

A family company with a bad reputation

Maracaibo Metro is one of the favorite clients from Moron’s company. Cresmo built works to the subway; however, the company was accused of breach contract.

In mid-2011, in a local newspaper, the lawmaker from National Assembly Julio Montoya denounced that Cresmo would build twelve buildings as part of the neighborhood Villa Metro Guayabal, but only ten were delivered without finishing. Montoya explained that the contract indicated that elevators and public services were available, but it wasn’t.

Despite this breach, another important work was assigned to the Cresmo company, the Detention Center, in the Zulia state. With no tender, a budget of 20 million dollars given to the Moron to start the construction of this center in 2013, and according to Minister Iris Valera, it should be finished by the end of that year.

In a press release from February 2015, Ricardo Moron announced that the work would end in November. However, the construction was abandoned and left in ruins.

Cresmo company was not only left half the construction of the center but also failed to pay to their workers. In the database of Supreme Court Justice, it appears that the construction company of the Moron family faced at least seven lawsuits for irregularities in the payment of social benefits. In all sentences, they must pay what workers demanded.

Dirty business
The business between Nicolasito and his assistant Santiago Moron was pointed by General Figuera when he arrived in the United States.

Figuera declared to the newspaper the Washington Post that in Venezuela exists a criminal company led by Nicolas Maduro Moros and his relatives. He also accused several people to make illegal business with the gold sales, among them, Santiago Moron.

According to a report published in Medium, this gold scheme goes back to 2016 when the Mining Arc project started, and little-known companies, like Faoz Corp, benefited from agreements with the government.

The company Faoz Corp split into two companies, Ecomine and Emmpesa. In national TV transmission, lawyer Felix Olivero signed in the name of Ecomine to design the projects to gold and coltan exploitation.

Santiago Moron and other friends took possession of Ecomine allegedly for irregularities in the exploitation of coltan. Moron said that Oliveros gave false numbers about the job and accused him of state scams.

Olivero told in the report that he was 45 days in a prison cell, forced to transfer all database, market, and clients of both companies. Then Ecomine and Emmpesa became in the center of the gold business.

Oliveros, who is now living in Spain, reveals that Santiago and Ricardo Moron run the company Emmpesa since 2018 in Taeca Tower in Caracas, a property of Cresmo. They have a second office in Galipan where they run the accounting and control the shipment. He also assured that international business is running by Ricardo Moron.

El Pitazo went to both buildings where the Moron brothers have their offices. They left a letter to ask for an interview and to know their version of this fact, but they never answered.

In Maracaibo, nobody wants to talk about the Moron family, people are afraid of them. In the United State either, but for other reasons. An official source in that country told El Pitazo that they cannot comment about the Moron.

An official source in United States told El Pitazo that they cannot comment about the Moron.

It seems that Santiago and Nicolasito want to avoid the cameras when they are in the same place. Once, they were portrayed together at Miraflores Palace. The picture shows a smiling Nicolasito and next to him as a bodyguard, is Santiago Moron, the favorite friend.

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