NGO says that 17 Venezuelans were killed for demanding better public services

The NGO Justicia, Encuentro y Perdon, (Justice, Reunion, and Forgiveness) reported that the incidents took place in eight states. Anzoategui, Bolivar, and Merida are the states that have registered the most deaths from these protests.

Residents ask for regular water service: 17 such demonstrators were killed in protests between 2017 and 2020. Photo by Bryan Cardenas.

Local NGO Justicia, Encuentro y Perdón (JEP by its acronym in Spanis) denounced Monday, September 14, that from 2017 to 2020, approximately 17 Venezuelans were killed in protests for demanding improvements in the country’s public services.

Besides, some 201 Venezuelans died during political protests from 2014 to 2017, according to the opposition-held National Assembly legislative.

According to the report published by the JEP on “extrajudicial executions in peaceful demonstrations demanding Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights (Desca)17 citizens died after being repressed for claiming the failures of light, water, gas, among other services.”

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In the Andean state of Mérida, seven people have died during the protest, followed by Anzoategui and Zulia, with two each.

With these figures, the JEP report concludes that “the methods employed by military and police agents reveal the disproportionate use of force, humiliating and abusing citizens.”

Given this situation of human rights violations, the NGO calls on the international community to proceed to assist the population through the creation of an independent commission to apply selective measures against members of the security forces involved in such executions that have occurred in recent years.

To read the report, click here.

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