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Neighbors ask for help to bury a four days dead man

The vultures roam around the home of Mr. Jose del Carmen Blanco, who died Sunday morning, October 18, in Barquisimeto. But this Wednesday, October 21, the contamination from the corpse had become scandalous as the late Mr. Blanco had not been buried yet.


By Keren Torres.

Jose del Carmen Blanco, a diabetes patient, died on Sunday, October 18, in Barquisimeto, Lara state. After four days, according to neighbors, this Wednesday, October 21, his body had yet to be buried.

“The stench is unbearable. There are already vultures around the house. No one has wanted to provide support, no firemen, police, or neighbors trucks,” neighbor Maria Quintero told El Pitazo.

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The relatives got the coffin and have all the necessary papers for the burial, but they can not afford the hearse for the cemetery. They have requested help from Maduro regime institutions and have had no response.

The body is already in a state of decomposition, and the contamination affects no only to their relatives but also the neighbors, who are desperate and ask for help from the Lara Government to bury him. The situation has become common in Venezuela, where a severe economic crisis and gasoline shortage make it difficult to afford a decent funeral.

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If they can not get a hearse, they plan to bury him in the backyard of the house, according to the inhabitants of Asoprado, because even among them, they can not afford to pay the amount (in dollars) requested for private funeral services.

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