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Thursday, 24 June, 2021

Natives Pemon jailed get suffering precarious health conditions: NGO


By Glorimar Fernandez.

Local NGO Foro Penal warned about the delicate state of health exhibited by 13 indigenous Pemon prisoners at the El Rodeo prison, who suffer from amoebiasis and other conditions incurred during their incarceration.

On July 20, Olnar Ortiz, coordinator of this organization for indigenous peoples, went to the headquarters of the Office of Fundamental Rights of the Public Prosecutor’s Office together with attorney Stefania Migliorini to denounce the conditions in which they are, but they got no attended.

The complaint was reinforced this Thursday, July 23, to El Pitazo, by Ortiz, who explained that since May 13, the 13 indigenous people are incommunicado in El Rodeo, where they have no access to drinking water, food or medicine.

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The day they went to file the complaint and were not attended to, they also went to the main office of the Ombudsman, where they were not received either.
“Their relatives have not seen them for more than four months, when they were in the Dgcim, they let them in with food supplies, medicines, and other items, but in El Rodeo, they don’t allow anything,” said the coordinator.

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The 13 indigenous people got captured by state security forces last December, in communities of the Gran Sabana, southern Bolívar state, for allegedly participated in Operation Wey Paka, led by Venezuelan officials who took over the Luepa fort in the same area.

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