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National Guard seized 1.1 tons of cocaine in Zulia state

A thousand high-purity cocaine was seizing by the National Guard at the Guarero checkpoint, a few kilometers from the Colombian border.


National Guard -GN- and tax authority, Seniat officers, seized last Saturday 1,000 bricks of high purity cocaine weighing in at 1,100 kilos, allegedly coming from Colombia at the customs office of Guarero, the Guajira, state of Zulia.

Last week, Aruba and Colombian authorities seized a haul of more than five tons of cocaine, coming out of Venezuela by ship.

The Zulia cocaine was hiding in the double bottom of a tanker truck on the Caribbean coast, military officials said.

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Major General Ovidio Delgado declares on Saturday, March 7, that the shipment is under investigation. Assures that he will not allow that Venezuelan territory to become in a trafficking country for drugs producing in the neighboring country.

The U.S Drug Enforcement Administration said that Venezuela is now a big transshipment hub for cocaine and other drugs, coming from Colombia to Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and the U.S.

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The National Guard’s indicated that the seizure is part of a plan which seeks to bring peace to the Venezuelan people. “This operation seeks to stop drug and arms trafficking and explosives coming from the neighboring country,” they added.

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