The pandemic of COVID-19 hit stronger during June. More than 3,000 Venezuelans got coronavirus, and more than ten patients passed away. Specific, until July 1st, the presidential Commission to monitoring, prevention, and control of the COVID-19, created by Nicolás Maduro, reported that the country reached 6,062 cases and 54 deaths since the World Health Organization declared the new disease as a pandemic.

The considerable increases in the cases forced the government to extreme measures in 12 states of Venezuela after began a flexibilization plan of the isolation.

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Zulia state, in western Venezuela, next to the border to Colombia, is the most affected region in the country, with more than 1,000 infected people, most of them in an identified focus in Las Pulgas, a large and overcrowded market in the capital city Maracaibo, full of stores, warehouses, and shops.

Besides the high number of cases, the state reached 18 death associated with the virus, including the highest rate of health-care personnel who passed away for the disease.

According to the Medical Association in Zulia, five doctors have died with issues related to COVID-19 and another 47 physicians showing symptoms, and they are in isolation in their homes or shelters.

All over the country, personnel of the health system has denounced that they work without equipment and supplies required to face the pandemic.