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Missing Venezuelan migrant found murdered in Peru


Peru’s National Police found the corpse of Lizmar Hernandez, a 27-year-old Venezuelan woman who reported disappeared since December 30th, 2019.

Some 4.6 million Venezuelans have escaped the Nicolas Maduro regime since at least 2014, according to the United Nations and Organization of American States figures. Colombia and Peru have been the top destinations for the largest exodus in the history of the Western Hemisphere, with each country now boasting about 1 million new Venezuelan residents.

Hernandez’s corpse was found in a creek in the town of Canta with a gunshot in his head, according to the Peruvian police report. Relatives also living now in Peru identified her corpse in Lima’s Morgue Central forensics office.

Police initially labeled Lizmar’s body as a NN or Jane Doe, because she carried no ID with her.

Jose Gregorio Farias, Lizmar’s uncle, told Peruvian media that she had disappeared shortly after leaving a building in San Borja, where she worked as a caretaker for an elderly man. Farias said that the last time she spoke with his niece was when they were both riding Lima’s subway Linea 1, after running with her and some of her acquaintances that had just been visiting the San Juan de Miraflores shopping mall in Lima. Later, Lizmar told her she had arrived OK at her caretaker job.

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