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Minister and Chavista lawmaker Iris Varela and her most controversial phrases

Prison minister Iris Varela is now Vice President of the pro-Maduro National Assembly and has threatened to arrest the President of the opposition-held National Assembly, Juan Guaido, expropriate migrants and revoke the nationality of those who oppose the Nicolas Maduro regime.


Iris Varela has not left her post as Minister of Penitentiary Affairs (which she holds since 2011). But this January 5, she got elected the first Vice President of the recently installed National Assembly of the Maduro Government.

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Before the Parliament installation, Varela stated that she proposes to confiscate the goods and lands of people who are not living in Venezuela.

Varela’s recent statement gave way to a recount that we now present in El Pitazo of some of her most controversial points, phrases, and declarations, throughout her political career.

  • CIA and Facebook: In 2013, after the leaks of former US Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden became known, Varela asked Venezuelans on Twitter to cancel their Facebook accounts since they were working for the CIA. “Compatriots: cancel your Facebook accounts since you have unknowingly worked for free as CIA informants, check out the Snowden case,” Iris Varela wrote on Twitter.
  • Capriles, drug addict: Varela also accusing former presidential candidate and Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles of brain-destroying drug use. “Drug use destroys the central nervous system and makes users talk crazy! Capri’s brain cells have melted,” Varela wrote, again on Twitter.
  • Journalists, drug addicts: Varela told assembled journalists once, after accusing Capriles of life-threatening drug use.
  • Opposition lawmakers, drug addicts too: “It is URGENT to do an anti-doping test in the NA, as it seems that not only the Pokémon deputy is under the influence of drugs,” wrote Varela on Twitter.
  • Migrants, I hope you never return: The 5.5 million Venezuelans who have left, in the largest exodus in the history of the Western Hemisphere, are mostly guarimberos, a derogatory Chavista term for opposition street demonstrators, who are into burning people and should stay abroad. “The majority of those who are leaving are the frustrated guarimberos, those who were here burning people and who, for me, I hope they never return. Those who are leaving are not needed,” said Varela in 2018 in the TV program pro-Chavismo Zurda Condukta.

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