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Main Yaracuy’s Hospital has no specialist doctors

In Yaracuy, the San Felipe Central Hospital has no attending doctors. In the last two years, more than 30 doctors have emigrated to other countries in search of economic stability, sources say.


With no specialists, which means, no doctors in different areas of health care is how the Hospital Dr. Placido Daniel Rodriguez Rivero is now operating in San Felipe city in the state of Yaracuy.

Venezuela is in a humanitarian crisis which has triggered an exodus of more than 5 million people, including thousands of doctors, engineers, lawyers, and other college-trained professionals.

The complaint was made by urologist Wilfredo Medina, practically the sole attending t there now, who also pointed out that in the last two years 33 doctors have emigrated to other countries in search of economic stability to support their families.

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“We are in the worst health crisis that has existed in Yaracuy state because the hospitals do not have specialized medical personnel, medical-surgical supplies or even medicines to attend to the emergencies that arrive at the hospital,” he said.

On March 11, El Pitazo toured several hospitals, clinics, and Cuban-run CDIs, where it saw how, in many cases, interns -medicine students- were taking on responsibilities once performed by specialists and experienced doctors.

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This was true in the case of gynecology, dentistry, traumatology, pediatrics and general medicine service of the San Felipe hospital, where patients have complained about being treated by residents with less experience. Petra Martinez, a gynecology patient, denounced having been mistreated after having cytology.

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