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Tuesday, 27 July, 2021

Maduro’s regime accuses journalist Roland Carreño of the delivery of war weapons

Tarek William Saab, the Attorney General, appointed by the regime of Maduro, charged the journalist with delivering a rifle and $12,000 in cash to two men. Roland Carreño is working at the Voluntad Popular party, the one led by Leopoldo López.


Additional reporting by Carlos Camacho in Caracas.

The Attorney General appointed by the ANC, Tarek William Saab, informed this Tuesday night, October 27, that the journalist, Roland Carreño, was detained for allegedly participating in a conspiracy “against democratic peace.”

The journalist, who is working for the Voluntad Popular party of Juan Guaido and Leopoldo Lopez, allegedly gave two men an R-15 assault rifle and $12,000 in cash. The two men arrested with him, Yeferson Aguada and Elias Rodriguez, have since been freed without charges.

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Through his Twitter account, @TarekWilliamSaab, he reported that Carreño was allegedly caught in flagrante delicto while handing over weapons of war and cash to some subjects to “promote violent actions in the national territory.”

“At the time of his arrest, Mr. Roland Carreño was found by police authorities with $12,000 in cash and an R15 rifle. From these ongoing investigations, we will provide details with the necessary evidence in the coming hours,” he wrote.

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It took the regime 24 hours to admit they had Carreño in custody after he was picked up by an unmarked car together with the two other men to whom he was allegedly trying to give the weapon and cash. The actions were a violation of the right and the legal process when the propaganda minister, Freddy Ñañez, and not police or the Attorney General, reported the arrest of Carreño on Twitter, accusing him of unspecified crimes.

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Saab appointed Prosecutor 73 to investigate the case. This prosecutor is the same one who, in May, was commissioned to make the investigations on the failed maritime incursion in beachside Macuto, Vargas state, known as Operation Gideon. In that operation, eight individuals were killed by regime police for trying to oust Maduro.

The detention of Carreño has been classified as a forced disappearance by US Senator Marco Rubio, local NGOs, and the Guaido interim government.

Carreño is a former TV journalist who had a hit talk show until the pro-Maduro businessman and US fugitive Raul Gorrin bought his network.

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