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Maduro’s candidates in the controversial vote donate expired medicines

The delivery was made on Sunday, November 29, in a dispensary in the state of Barinas. In other instances, the regime candidates have donated humanitarian aid from UNICEF and gasoline in the race to Sunday’s controversial vote, which is being boycotted by the bulk of the opposition and denounced by the US, the EU, and the OAS.


By Marieva Fermin.
Additional reporting by Carlos Camacho.

Opposition activists in the state of Barinas denounced that pro-Maduro candidates to the National Assembly are campaigning by handing out expired meds during a campaign act on November 3.

Such gifts are expressly forbidden in Venezuelan electoral law while handing out expired medicine is also an offense. Additional to the expired meds, attendants received t-shirts and soccer balls.

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Activist Enzo Mencias posted pictures to his social media of medicine marked with June 20, 2020, like expiration dates, including Amoxicillina, an antibiotic. A local state-run clinging is also involved in the expired medicine electoral scheme, Mencias denounced.

Mencias described the act as criminal. He criticized that the health of the people gets used for electoral interests. Besides, the medicines are imported from India by the Ministry of Health.

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