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Maduro regime broke into the office and stole humanitarian aid from an NGO

NGO “Organizacion Rescate Venezuela,” said Wednesday that police had entered their offices uninvited and taken medicine, clothes and other much-needed items, hampering humanitarian efforts further.


Reps from local NGO Organizacion Rescate Venezuela said that Maduro regime law enforcement broke into their Caracas office Wednesday, stealing medicine, clothes and other ítems aimed at alleviating the current humanitarian crisis.

This is the second time this year an NGO is attacked by the regime: a similar raid against Prepara Familia was frustrated only after the presence of agents there became viral in social media.

Activists have accused Maduro of hoarding humanitarian help sent by Red Cross and other organizations. In January 2019, almost one year ago exactly, Maduro ordered the National Guard and the Colectivo armed gangs to stop several convoys full of aid trying to enter Venezuela from Brazil and Colombia, which they achieved after killing several opposition militants, particularly in the Pemon areas of the border with Brazil.

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Without an order, agents entered a warehouse where the aid was stored, including medicine donated to help patients with serious ailments, and took it. Rescate said it had contacted the United Nations about the attack, adding that the Maduro regime had apparently tasked itself with going after NGOs.

The aid “was extracted in an illegal manner, and were meant to tend to Venezuelans in risk situations”, Rescate wrote in a tweet, “victims of the complex humanitarian emergency the country is going through”.

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