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Maduro is paying Alex Saab defense with public funds, says Supreme Court in exile

A report in the Bogota newspaper El Tiempo indicates that $65 million has come out of a U.S.-monitored account. The money gets used to pay Saab lawyers.


The Venezuelan Supreme Court in exile declared that the Nicolas Maduro regime is using public funds to pay for a legal eagles team to free Alex Saab, the Colombian businessman arrested in Cape Verde, denounced as one of the frontmen of the Chavismo.

The president of Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice in exile, Miguel Angel Martin, made the statement to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, saying that the money to pay Saab’s lawyers obtained from Venezuelan state coffers, which represents a clear act of embezzlement.

“About 2,950 ventilators for intensive-care units, more than one million PCR tests to detect cases of COVID-19 and about 3.2 million Clap boxes with food for the Venezuelan low-income population could acquire with that money,” he details.

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As for defense attorney’s fees, El Tiempo revealed that Judge Baltasar Garzon charges $65,000 to study the viability of a case before taking it on and that for the Saab case, Garzon and his law firm Ilocad received an advance of $4 million.

Former judged Garzon is also known in Venezuela for defending Hugo Carvajal, a retired military officer and former head of Military Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence during the government of former president Hugo Chavez. Garzon’s law firm received US$1.8 million for that case, according to the media report.

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Read the full article here, El Tiempo.

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