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Friday, 30 July, 2021

Lack of gasoline made Venezuelans bust Coronavirus quarantine

After three days without gasoline in Bejuma, Carabobo state, two gas stations were supplying. Neighbors decided they were going to get that gasoline no matter the mandatory quarantine. Similar events were reported in Caracas.


After three days without fuel, this arrived at two gas stations in Bejuma, Carabobo state, this Tuesday, March 17. Immediately, a long line of users, defying the quarantine protocol ordered by the Nicolas Maduro regime, began to form at the gas station.

In the morning, the Ramon Escuela and Gran Lourdes gas stations, located near the Pan-American Highway, were supplied with gasoline, and the line was long. People wait to fill up, even before the supply was arriving.

The size of the crowd increased in few minutes. In the Ramon Escuela station, the line of vehicles exceeded 100 users, most of them not wearing masks, a situation denounced in social networks and the local radio stations, by several people who asked the police to impose order.

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The Maduro regime said that priority in gasoline service would be given to vehicles from the police, military, and health people from the regime. The workers of the fuel stations did not specify if there would be supplies next days.

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