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Juan Guaido returns to Venezuela after international tour


Juan Guaido, who claimed the title of acting President of Venezuela, returns this Tuesday, February 11th, after an intense tour for several countries.

During his tour, Guaido became the first acting head of state ever to attend a State of the Union address, where U.S President Donald Trump dedicated a good part of his speech to him and the Venezuelan situation.

“I return with commitments from our allies, with actions and measures that will be executed, and with the call upon our people to reactivate the struggle and the popular mobilization,” Guaido said.

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The opposite-leader also said: “You are the key to freedom,” asking for protesters to remember that the short-term goal is free Presidential elections this year, as the 2018 Maduro reelection was deemed fraudulent by the 60-plus countries recognizing him as Venezuela’s acting President.

“After this important and successful international tour, the moment has arrived to return to Venezuela. We will see you soon and in the streets,” Guaido promised.

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Strongman Nicolas Maduro will not leave out of his own free will, Guaido indicated, saying additional sanctions will be put in place shortly. “The dictatorship is a danger for all of the planet, just like we have been saying during our tour. And the world has understood this. That is why our allies are willing to increase pressure if necessary.”

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Maduro, his wife, their sons and hundreds of current and former Venezuelan officials have been sanctioned by the US. The state oil company PDVSA and The Venezuela Central Bank have been sanctioned, making it impossible for Maduro to coordinate fiscal monetary policy with Venezuela entering its second year in hyperinflation.

While Maduro becomes an international pariah, Guaido met with Trump, and several other heads of state, including the UK’s Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Ivan Duque.

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