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James Story: We work to rescue democracy and prosperity in Venezuela


James Story, who is the Chargé d’ Affaires for the Venezuela Affairs Unit, said in a New Year message to Venezuelan that they are working with people who love the country and want to rescue democracy and prosperity.

“We want to remind that you count to the United State as allies to support your mission to rescue democracy and prosperity in Venezuela. We are working with people who love this country and want to support Human Rights recovery and to protect democratic spaces”, said Story in a message shared in the official account on Twitter from the United States virtual Embassy.

The ambassador also said that the new year will be full of challenges to Venezuelan, but they will assume courageously. He added that the US Government trusts citizens, especially young people, to get ahead with their creative spirit.

He ended his message with an invitation to the nation to stay focus on build the future that they want to every Venezuelan citizen. 

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