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Investigation evidences irregularities in Comptroller’s Commission processes


“A cluster of irregularities”. That has been the investigation’s initial balance that a special commission started about the cases of presumed corruption inside Comptroller´s Commission from National Assembly.

The parliamentary, Edgar Zambrano, head from investigation’s commission said that the first look evidenced a bad behavior in management processes.

“The technicians’ group that advises and verifies the books, correspondence and the whole material delivered by the deputies and the commission’s head allow us to establish a cluster of irregularities against the rules from commission” declared the deputy to the medias.

Zambrano detailed that in the first appearances related with the investigation were not attended by deputy Adolfo Superlano, Carlos Herrera, head from new media Primicia24, Luis Ramirez González, fifth notary from Chacao municipality and Gregoria Calzadilla, form Civil Registry Officer from Capital District.

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