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Wednesday, 24 April, 2024

Increase the number of fugitives and deaths from the escape in the prison of Zulia

Police admit that 84 prisoners escaped from the San Carlos jail. Two police officers were arrest for alleged involvement in the escape. The searching for fugitives continues.


The governor of Zulia state, Omar Prieto and the mayor of the Colon municipality, Blagdimir Labrador, reported that ten prisoners have been kill after an escape from the San Carlos detention center.

At first, police authorities reported that only were 50 fugitives, and five the men killed during recapture efforts, but rumors of more victims and even more fugitives began in social media.

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After the rumors, mayor Labrador informed on Twitter that ten prisoners died so far, and six recaptured. He added that the search for the 68 fugitives continued with all law enforcement agencies.

Labrador also said that there was complicity in the escape, so there are two police officers under investigation to find out their relationship with these events.

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