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Thursday, 17 June, 2021

In Miranda state, people are 52 days without water service


More than 600 families living in the sector El Trabuco in Los Teques, Miranda state, have to walk a long way to get water from the school’s tank, which is located atop a small hill, near to the Pan-American Highway.

For the last five months, the water company only pumping three days a week and just for 12 hours each day. Los Teques is the capital of Miranda state, home of the Butterfly water-reserve, and even so, almost half a million people there spending months without regular water service.

Short pumping hours mean that the water pressure is not enough to reach all houses, letting people alone with tanks, often located in the roofs of houses. Some houses are not even connected to the Hidrocapital grid.

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“The most difficult thing is trying to render little water we may accumulate. It’s impossible to do both the house cleaning and take care of your hygiene, it is a titanic task,” said Jorge Russo, a resident of the sector.

This is the high part of Miranda, the Altos Mirandinos, a series of towns which includes Los Salias, Carrizal and Guaicaipuro municipalities. In those towns, there are constant reports of failures in the water supply.

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