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In May, 23 persons have been arresting for demonstrating against Maduro

Giovanny Meza, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was imprisoned in Lara state despite his medical condition and having suffered a seizure during the preliminary hearing. He is being detained for protesting against the Maduro regime.


In Barquisimeto, the capital city of Lara State, five citizens were given jail-time at their presentation hearing, held on Saturday, May 23, according to the Vinotinto Movement report. To date, 23 people have been arresting for demonstrating against the Nicolas Maduro regime over the last two weeks just in Lara state.

Officers from the Special Action Forces (FAES in Spanish) arrested the five -Fabricio Ojeda, Aaron Atacho, Naudy Atacho, Pedro Zambrano, and Giovanny Meza- during a protest. Peaceful street demonstrations are protected under Venezuelan law. Furthermore, the United Nations has twice recommended that FAES be dissolved, because of alleged ties to Human Rights abuses.

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The case highlights the health condition of Giovanny Meza, who suffers multiple sclerosis. He convulsed at the presentation hearing and was sent to prison, despite his medical condition.

“The court asked for a less onerous measure and its response was to send him for a medical evaluation. Unnecessary procedure after witnessing his condition,” the organization tweeted.

In the opinion of Movimiento Venezuela, the case ratifies the criminalization of protest in Venezuela and the violation of Human Rights.

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Lexis Rendon, the coordinator of the Peace Laboratory NGO, also expressed for Giovanny Meza on the social network: “He is a young man with a health condition that requires daily medication and permanent attention. He cannot be deprived of his freedom for protesting, his life is at risk.”

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