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In Lara, residents use socks to filter dirty water

Makeshift filters such as rags or socks are what residents in El Tocuyo have to use if they want to be able to use the dirty water they get.


By Keren Torres.

Neighbors need to place socks or tie or rags around to their water taps, the only way to filter out dirt and larvae.

Like 80% of Venezuela, Pueblo Nuevo in El Tocuyo in Lara state have not to regular water service over pipes, when it does come, it is full of dirt and larvae forcing them to filter the liquid of life using socks and rags.

Daily things getting worse, there’s also a cooking gas shortage (Venezuela is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis), which means they have to cook with firewood, a method which makes it difficult to boil water.

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Now respiratory illnesses from the smoke have to be added to the list of intestinal, skin ailments deriving from polluted water, neighbors say.

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“And we also have the smoke wafting over from the garbage dump, every day. Before, they had the machinery to compact and bury waster, but that is not working either. We are going from bad to worse,” neighbors told El Pitazo.

Four years ago, since the machinery at the landfill stopped working, residents live under a cloud of smoke. They want this dump shut down and another one built not so close to the El Tocuyo communities.

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