The purpose is to tell stories creatively, that is why El Pitazo introduces Illustrated Stories, a new way to report what is happens inside and outside Venezuela. In an attractive and visual format, we will bring you the stories of the people during the pandemic.

The cartoonist, Ana Black, and the political scientist and audiovisual creator, Joaquín Ortega, will be in charge of adapting the chronicles and journalistic texts to this new narrative with the support of the design coordinator, Elsy Torres.

The director of El Pitazo, César Batiz, says this a newfangled bet in the line of what it is the brand of this media since the beginning.

“It is a way to make that the message arrives easier and creatively through our social media.”

The Illustrated stories will publish twice a month and started this June 5 in Venezuela and will address different realities as well inside and outside the country. The first delivery is about the story of a COVID-19 survivor.

“We want the readers to find out the stories of Venezuelan in the country and abroad that faced and overcome the disease. Although symptoms could be complicated, also is there a big chance to recover,” Batiz said.

With this new project, Illustrated Stories, El Pitazo will make useful content available to the readers, with attractive and confirmed information, that can be easily sharing.